Frohes Neues!

Auch wenn ich etwas spät dran bin: Ich wünsche dir ein frohes neues und erfolgreiches Jahr! 

2012 hat immerhin schon einmal ganz gut angefangen, wie ich finde. Bleiben noch weitere 358 Tage voller Überraschungen!

Naja, zumindest Manches ist planbar. Anderes unausweichlich… Das Jahr wird jedenfalls spannend: Ich schreibe meine Abschlussarbeit und beende damit die Ausbildung. Ich werde Berufseinsteiger! Mal schaun, was das gibt. Nun läuft auch das AHA-Projekt an und soll bereits Anfang März live gehen! Außerdem wird das bremig-Projekt mit neuem Konzept weitergeführt! Und sonst… natürlich auch eine ganze Menge, ich hab schließlich auch noch ein Leben abseits von PC und Studium 😀

Also: Auf ein Neues, frohes Neues!


going .plus – again!

It’s been a while since I set up this blog and then again I didn’t write anything following the post about my account at So what happened? And what is going to happen?

Okay, this might sound like a false excuse but honestly, there’s more to do when you come back from a semester abroad than reading and writing 😉 In August I moved from my hometown to Bremen again, had to arrange some things and was pretty busy doing my job as student assistant. Then again I intended to publish posts but even before writing them I got stuck thinking about the correct English phrasings and other things.

Today is the first of September and I’m back for good. You might have noticed that I have changed the blog’s title and the theme… even though I didn’t publish anything. I figured it’s because I want to blog in English. Which is a pretty good idea I guess – but not if I really want to get this started. Conclusion: I will continue blogging in German.
So if ever you stumble upon one or another post that you’re interested in, let me know and I’ll do my best to have a proper translation for you. I know Google’s Translate is pretty good but some mistakes are really bad 😉

Throughout the next months I will mainly focus on two things:

  1. My M.A. thesis
    I haven’t decided yet what to write my M.A. Thesis about – although I can already tell that it will be about TV. Very probably 😀 You’ll learn more about it pretty soon.
  2. The AHA Project
    In my spare time I’m doing my best to support a hands-on-museum by caring for their Website. The projects‘ goal is to enable the associations‘ members to care for the online content themselves. Therefore we’ll work on a re-design and set up a proper Content Management System (CMS).

Thanks for stopping by! See you later 🙂