going .plus – again!

It’s been a while since I set up this blog and then again I didn’t write anything following the post about my account at delicious.com. So what happened? And what is going to happen?

Okay, this might sound like a false excuse but honestly, there’s more to do when you come back from a semester abroad than reading and writing 😉 In August I moved from my hometown to Bremen again, had to arrange some things and was pretty busy doing my job as student assistant. Then again I intended to publish posts but even before writing them I got stuck thinking about the correct English phrasings and other things.

Today is the first of September and I’m back for good. You might have noticed that I have changed the blog’s title and the theme… even though I didn’t publish anything. I figured it’s because I want to blog in English. Which is a pretty good idea I guess – but not if I really want to get this started. Conclusion: I will continue blogging in German.
So if ever you stumble upon one or another post that you’re interested in, let me know and I’ll do my best to have a proper translation for you. I know Google’s Translate is pretty good but some mistakes are really bad 😉

Throughout the next months I will mainly focus on two things:

  1. My M.A. thesis
    I haven’t decided yet what to write my M.A. Thesis about – although I can already tell that it will be about TV. Very probably 😀 You’ll learn more about it pretty soon.
  2. The AHA Project
    In my spare time I’m doing my best to support a hands-on-museum by caring for their Website. The projects‘ goal is to enable the associations‘ members to care for the online content themselves. Therefore we’ll work on a re-design and set up a proper Content Management System (CMS).

Thanks for stopping by! See you later 🙂