going .plus

Now what the heck is all this about?! going .plus is nothing else but an effort to go social, to finally become part of the land of digital natives and all the other folks, immerse myself and get involved. Foremost this blog will be part of my Virtual Learning Environment, a piece within a framework of services. I want to discuss some of my ideas and hopefully get feedback from you who might read one or another article.

Just to clarify one thing that appears to be necessary to me 😉 The title going .plus does not mean that I am working for Google, am part of the Google+ network already or got the idea for the blog’s name from that project. In fact it was March when I had the idea for this blog’s name, while everyone was still talking about Google Circles as an official title for the social network in the works.

Of course there’ll be posts about Google+ as about Facebook … generally about any service that is of interest to me. So I’ll deal with almost anything the Internet touches and challenges – most interesting the was it challenges the Media, Society and Politics: Second Screen, New Journalism, Facebook-Party, Copyright, Net Neutrality – every heard of one of these?